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​From: Karen
How do you know Bob: Daughter

Memories with my dad. I remember having the best times growing up as a child with my dad leading the way. He loved taking us on hikes in farm country, swimming up at Lake Geneva, Crystal Lake and Lake Wauconda. In winter time, he was big on sledding and tobogganing, and always dropping us off at Lords Park for ice-skating under the lights. Dad enjoyed life and taught me to do the same. I love you Dad, thank you for all you've given me! 

Your daughter, Karen. 

​From: Ted
How do you know Bob: Oldest son


Dad loved to teach my kids to drive, even if they had to sit on his lap to see over the dash.

​From: Rachel
How do you know Bob: Granddaughter


Two meaningful memories of Grandpa Real I'll treasure forever. The first was in high school. Grandpa didn't live close to our childhood home, but he was able to come to a few of my basketball games the year my team won the state championship. Grandpa joined my aunts and uncles in the stands cheering us on. My teammates and coaches always knew when the Real Family was in the stands. Our cheering section was never louder. 

The second memory was post-college when I lived in DC. It was 2013 and Grandpa Real signed up for a military-sponsored trip to DC to see the WWII Memorial. The government had just shut down which meant the memorials were closed to the public. Many Congressmen and women came to the memorial to rip down the tape blocking visitors to let the vets in. I was allowed to accompany Grandpa into the memorial and took pictures. It was a special, unique moment with him that I will never forget. 

I'll miss you, Grandpa Real. Continue to watch over us from heaven. 

​From: Patty 
How do you know Bob: Youngest child—‘spoiled’


I have wonderful memories of my father and I- as he supported me in all my athletic adventures...going out for simple dinners and dessert- Ponderosa, Sundays pot roast, Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, Colonial Ice Cream.... Many car rides and watching fireworks! Junk hunting, garbage picking.... We spent a lot of time together until I started to drive... I was one of those teenagers... I hold his love for others, generous spirit and his love for Jesus in my heart and remind myself often of his gifts. I am thankful for all the cleaning, back scratching, car rides, bill paying and the times he convalesced at our house. I am thankful for my husband-Craig for his support of these times! I am forever blessed with many wonderful memories, lessons, biblical teachings and endless words of wisdom that he ever so gently shared! Thank you dad! We will be together again!!! God Bless!

​From: Liz
How do you know Bob: 7th child


Dad always liked having fun and being outside. It always seemed to have an element of daring. I remember him taking us to chase hot air balloons and glider planes or inner tubing down some creek that only he knew about. And where was that farm that had a swing hung to go out over a 100 foot hill? I don't think he told us to hold tight but we sure did. I think we went tobogganing down the same hill in winter. And picnics in cemeteries! Thank you, dad, may you feel God's warm embrace.